Industrial Washers from Niagara

NIAGARA Systems has been solving cleaning problems for customers around the world since 1934. We custom design and manufacture industrial washing systems from small cabinet style machines up to large belt and monorail systems.

Made in America

Whether you need a simple dip washer, ultrasonic washer system, or a complex multi-stage industrial washer with drying oven, Niagara has the engineering experience to build a turnkey solution for you.

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Industrial Parts Cleaning from Niagara Systems

Niagara Systems has over 80 years of experience building dependable industrial washing and drying systems.

Cleaning debris from a machined part, removing oils and films from parts, cleaning delicate glass products, such as fluorescent tube or light bulb, are just a few of the functions of the cleaning systems from Niagara. Many products like nuclear fuel rods require special cleaning inside and out during the manufacturing process and other products like household baking sheets and pans, require cleaning before finishing. Automated industrial washers and ovens from Niagara Systems satisfy various cleaning and drying needs for many manufacturers.

Products that require curing, like pistons, often also require a special cleaning so that coating doesn′t bubble or burst during the curing process. Often, chemicals must be used in early stages of manufacturing, then neutralized and removed in later stages of cleaning. Cleanliness cannot be overlooked or manufactures run the risk of ruining valuable product.

Keeping it Clean Since 1934